Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Can't Stand Them

I've tried to be more tolerant of the following people, but they're still getting on my nerves. Here's a short list of some of the people I just can't stand...

Joey Fatone- I don't know what it is, I went from being a casual observer to Fatone's hits and misses--and then he became the enemy. You wanna know why there's no peace in the world? You're looking right at him.

Part 2- Since they're two untrustworthy entities, I might as well state for the record that Joey Fatone's Beard is one of his most annoying things. I hate beards like that, it's too much work to look like a circus freak.

Jimmy Kimmel- This guy is so bad he makes Rick Dees look like Jack Paar. I'm not a big Jimmy Kimmel fan. The reasons? I don't know? It could be I find him nausating, his deceptively sane looking girlfriend gets on my nerves, etc. Me, I like to think its something more petty like, I just can't stand the sight of him. That's better--it will help me sleep tonight.

Sherri Shepherd- All I can do is nod my head and just go, "Why?" Not one of my favorite entertainers from jump street, her appearances on the View have left me underwhelmed. From talking about her no good husband, her boobs and not believing in evolution, there's just no wiggle room. She gives me a headache.

Elisabeth Hasselback- Talk about a headache...Although it seems like I'm repeating myself, my hatred for Hasselbeck is always new. It makes me feel glad all over. She's just wrong. Her politics are despicable, she's duplicitous and tiring to look at.

Part 15- The best thing she did, sadly, was destroy whatever remnants of sanity Rosie O'Donnell had during their knock down, drag out.

That pic is from Rosie's last View. I'm not crazy about her either.

Adam Levine/Maroon 5- Hats off to Gumpy. Looking at this jerkazoid makes me know that most of the lead singers in bands are total pricks. Not a fan of this guy's voice either. I've heard him compared to Stevie Wonder--I just don't hear it. In fact, it's people like Adam Levine that are driving me back to Little Milton.
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