Monday, August 13, 2007

George W. Bush/Karl Rove: F'n Crying Babies

I was ready to do an investigative report on Aunt Bee's preserves when I saw this happy news. According to reports, devil incarnate, Karl Rove is leaving the White House on August 31th (not the 31st as initially reported.) Seems like Rove is crumbling under the pressure and the fact that his Frankenstein project George W. Bush is too far gone and getting dumber everyday, if that's humanly possible. Here's a few disgusting "goodbye" photos.

Turd Blossom Calls it a Day...The "architect" of some of the most vicious campaigns this side of "Vote for Hitler or Else" takes a moment to break down like a little girl. Wimpy would be crying too, he is a little. It's shocking because Bush is barely human so "normal emotions" escape him.

Wimpy and Psycho: Together Again- You know what struck me more than anything is the fact that Karl Rove isn't especially important in the Bush cabinet, well not in the role he's had since 2005. There's no reason for a press conference, no reason for it to be on the White House lawn and after jointly reaming America for nearly two decades, no reason for the tears. They're so gross.

Again, no need for the drama. Rove is leaving on the 31st, not today. What was this about?

Bush's mom was unavailable for comment...
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