Monday, July 30, 2007

TV Junk n' Woes

Oh hi. My social life has been brought to a standstill. Seems like women don't like to date men "with records" like they used to. I'll say it again, I served my time and yes, I did go in for espionage or "espionagy." Here's a few of the trainwrecks I've been catching up on...

Scott Baio is 45 and Single- You know, I was ready to laugh at the very premise of this show. Oddly enough I didn't. Scott Baio is an interesting guy. Despite all of the past problems, including a short-lived and problematic stint as this blog's editor, he's a heck of a guy.

His Problem: Can't have a show without one. Baio wants to settle down and with help from a life coach, he's going to find out why he's such a Lousy Boyfriend.Of course there's obstacles. In particular a friend of Scott, Johnny V, acting like an evil George Costanza, hovers around trying to get Baio's castoffs. There's a friend.

Hey Paula. Paula Abdul presents a problem. She's like walking art. Attractive one minute, thoroughly hideous and tear-inducing the next. Given her ol' funny moods, it's a shock that she was approached to do a reality show--and that one of her personalities actually said yes. That was great news. She's totally entertaining and frankly I like seeing people cry.

Here's a still from one of her many meltdowns. I think it's delightful.

American Idol Rewind- I find this fascinating. This shows up on the weekends and it pretty much like one of those endless loop 8 tracks. In its relatively short time on the air, American Idol Rewind covers the first season to nauseating effect. So far, that's it. What's worse? The same clips are shown over and over.

This show lets us see Young Kelly Clarkson when she was cute, the girl-next-door and not so loud and "depressing." Without fear of reprisal, I'll say I liked this version of Kelly Clarkson much better. She was a good R&B/pop singer.

Campbell Brown Leaves NBC- In all honesty, I took this hard. Campbell is one of the 2 or 3 newscasters I can stand and she's leaving NBC for CNN. In her selfish pursuit to further her career she's also leaving Lester Holt and Today's weekend broadcast.

One last look...

Postscript: After thinking about Campbell's exit and Lester Holt being on his lonesome, I rared by head back and projectile vomited.
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