Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kind of Watching It DVD's: Mahogany

The good news! I finally watched Mahogany. It wasn't a hardship, it's one of my favorites.

Diana Ross played Tracy Chambers, a secretary working at a fashion house in Chicago. Chambers also was a fledgling designer. She became a "model" when Sean McAvoy (Anthony Perkins) spotted her and was dumbstruck with Chambers's odd beauty. Also in Tracey's orbit at this time was the idealistic Brian Walker (Billy Dee Williams) who was running for alderman.

Williams and Ross had a nice chemistry despite the fact that Brian was a total jackass/cad. McAvoy wanted Ross to work, go to Rome to strut her stuff. She left after Billy Dee said some particularly dismissive comments. I went back in time and delivered a sound pimp slap. Tracy certainly kept busy over in Rome, England or wherever it is. She even had love scene with Sean that ended rather abruptly.

After Brian lost his campaign he magically appeared in Rome. It was too much for him. Tracy had changed. He saw the freaky parties and after a gun tussle with gun collector Sean (yeah that lunatic) he had to split. In a classic scene, Mahogany/Tracy danced around and poured hot candle wax on herself. The morning after, Brian and Tracy got into it and he did give her some parting words, "Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with." Bullshit...

As time went on Sean got even more annoying and Tracey got in cahoots with some French smoothie (Jean-Pierre Aumont.) He bought some wreck of a dress she made herself. She eventually lived with that guy too. And oh yeah, Crazy Sean got killed playing games in his car. Tracy did her healing up over at that French dude's house.

He of course expected to get his "propers" too especially after he set her up in some nice digs. It was no to be. Tracey was still jonesing for Billy Dee Williams and gleefully went back to the rubble n' stuff to be with him. The end was so dramatic, I got choked up and stuff...

Rating: ***1/2
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