Friday, June 29, 2007

TV Questions, Non Sequitors and Junk

Fred Sanford and Donna Harris- Why? I may lose a lot of fans with this but I have to speak my mind. I'm so glad these two never got married. Really I can't think of a more ill-suited couple in all of my days of watching TV. Let's face it, both of them have their cons--not many pros. Together, they are lethal. Fred couldn't be Fred around Donna. And Donna was just, well, weird.

The Breakup Show: Sadly we never did get the Breakup Show we deserved. As the last Sanford and Son aired on NBC in 1977, they were still together. Dammit!

Why Did They Turn Schneider Into a Neutered Imbecile?: That's actually a question that keeps me awake. Fans of One Day at a Time who might have thought Schneider and Miss Romano would get together gave up the ghost by the early '80s. They took divergent paths. While Ann was still dating a lot of dudes, Schneider curiously slowed down. He became silly, avuncular--a sexless, unlikeable dolt. Did he get any action that last season? I don't think so, I don't he even looked at Valerie Bertinelli inappropriately anymore either. Oh Schneider...

Webster: The Fire Starter- To be honest, I loved Webster during its early days. I stopped liking Webster when he torched his parents with that foolish science project. What lesson did that serve? How to ruin a show with a "special episode?" And really, Mam' and George must have been saints. If Webster had torched my crib, I'd have to choke the life right out of him.

Jack and Janet Should Have Ended Up Together. That's right, I said it and I don't care what the kids say. I've always felt that the show's run was ruined by its idiotic conclusion. Janet marries the world's most boring man ever. Jack inexplicably falls in love with the one love interest he had zero chemistry with. It's so clear that Jack and Janet were perfectly for one another.

Oh yeah, Chrissy got real dumb too...
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