Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kind of Watching It DVD's: The Ballad of Andy Crocker

You'd think I didn't have any social life and just spent time watching DVD's. You're right! I was glad my laziness brought me this gem of a movie. 1969's The Ballad of Andy Crocker stars Lee Majors as a Vietnam Vet coming back in the world and seeing everything had changed. Well it wouldn't be any fun if everything went right, would it? After his friend David (Marvin Gaye) said goodbye to him at the airport, viewers saw how insanely f'ed up Andy's life had become.

This was a gripping tale as Lee Majors stole a hippies motorcycle to go back to Texas to see his dad (Pat Hingle) and his girlfriend (Joey Heatherton). His girlfriend married someone else, she's only wanted him to be a back door man. It was an offer Andy wasn't too proud to consider. Even better, Andy's bike shop turned to ruins and his dad (Pat Hingle) wasn't making life any easier for him.

<--- Acting!!! David was supposed to help Andy but he couldn't do anything for him. In the movie's last scene Andy gave up his place on David's couch and went walking in the night. Where did he go? To the local army office to reenlist. He's going back to war. Thanks David!

Notes: This was an ABC telefilm produced by Aaron Spelling and Danny Thomas. It was supposed to be a series pilot but it didn't take. Singer Marvin Gaye always had acting aspirations but if this was his "reel" he was much better off singing. Sadly he was incapable of approximating normal human behavior. In even more odd news, Peter Haskell played a hippie in this.

Rating **
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