Monday, July 16, 2007

Mandy Patinkin: Gone Again

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I heard some distressing news about Mandy "Jeffrey Geiger" Patinkin. It seems that Patinkin was playing a game of hide and seek with CBS it ended with Mandy giving up his another role as a twitchy, potentially annoying, super intelligent guy. Here's what me and my team have uncovered.

Here Is What CBS Had to Say: They thanked him for him helping to make Criminal Minds what it is, and they wished him luck in the future. If that's not sincere than I don't know what is.

Here's what Patinkin said:
Thanks for cutting me loose, I'm tired of this shit anyway.

The 99%Truth: Mandy actually called me and asked if he should leave. I said no and these are the reasons why...

Paget Brewster- By leaving Criminal Minds, Mandy won't be able to work with the lovely Paget Brewster. Oh no, she just got there (begins to sob).

Shemar Moore- Patinkin will be forfeiting a wonderful friendship with Shemar. "I don't want to leave Shemar," Mandy told me as he began to sob and then let out a wailing cry. I said, "Don't leave then fool." He hung up on me...

Thomas Gibson/Hanging Out With the Boys- Yet another thing that loser Mandy is going to miss out on. Patinkin also is leaving Thomas Gibson for the second time. How could he?!?
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