Thursday, June 21, 2007

Battle of the Stereo Consoles

You know, I get more mail about stereo consoles then anything else. That's no shocker. Really there's nothing like lifting a 25 pound slab of a wood to get to that hollowed-out sound. In short, I'm ready to rock n' roll--with my console!

Yow, light my fire! This is a classic brought to us by the good folks at Zenith/Allegro. Despite the compact looks, this is a big room filler like the rest of the inadvertent furniture/stereos of the time. Out of all of them, this is my favorite. The Zenith/Allegro stereo products aren't all that bad. In fact, I had a pair of gigantic speakers that still had enough power to take away what's left of my hearing. Huh? What did you say?

A little battered though better than a late '80s CD player... This is another lovely one. In fact, this is pretty much folk art, pure Americana if you will. With its wear and tear this is the quintessential setup that's regrettably left behind in a move. I remember seeing these in all of those abandoned houses I used to prowl for albums, knick knacks and dirty magazines. I can safely say that if I had a van or truck, I'd go steal one tonight!

Straight from Montgomery Wards... Man, this one's clean. This seems to be from the late period. Look at that artistic picture, and the design, it's almost teasing and tempting the customer. I'm sold, I don't know about anyone else. And look at those controls, bass, treble. The saddest part? It's newer than the majority of my stereo equipment.

This pic was clearly taken near some Grecian ruins. Since it does look like it's an outside shot, that just lets us know, this console is ready for your next B-B-Q. Get two to five people and take it outdoors, I can't wait! Don't let the staid and stodgy style fool you. I bet this is packed with power and will throw out a spark or maybe smoke. Enjoy...

One last look

And who's that on the record machine? Elvis Presley, Perry Como? That's going to keep me up all night...
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