Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The "Horrors" of My Record Collection

You can tell a lot about a person from their album collection. The efforts below should tell you that I'm insane, I'm a pack rat and I love vinyl. Here's a few of the highlights from some recent adventures. And by adventures I mean buying records that are potentially embarrassing.

Nat King Cole, a lot of Nat King Cole. Years ago I had a nice Longines Symphonette set of albums from Cole. It's gone now, I probably sold it for some Munchos or something. After looking through a lot of albums I bought I found out I actually acquired 8 King Cole albums. I'm oddly OK with that.

Part 2: From the looks of it, Nat recorded about 100 albums for Capitol in a relatively short time. By the mid point, the album notes became scattered with hyperbole and nauseating PR speak. Ah come on. At this point I'm either going to clean them up or find a truck and back over them.

Don't hate, congratulate. If you can't do that? Congratuhate...It was a veritable steal when I picked this up. The Mills Brothers were on a highly-successful roll during their Dot Records era. This is a hot one too, collecting all of those influential hits like, "The Jones Boy," "I Love You So Much It Hurts" and "Smoking Crack is Good For You."

Dave Clark Five-Glad All Over- Fake stereo rocks! Oddly enough, I do like "Bits and Pieces" and "Glad All Over." The weird thing here is it's all presented to us in a freakish and probably diabolical tactic called "Duophonic"(fake ass stereo.) It's so irritating to ears and perhaps toxic to the brain. I'm disgusted with the practice.

The Truth: I love it, fake stereo rocks!

Peggy Lee- Raindrops- Lee seemed to be an odd bird. This 1971 compilation captures her late '60s and early '70s work. Raindrops was a Capitol release yet it was made for Abbott Laboratories, the drug company. Lee herself offers her testimony on the insanely addictive drug. The recommended dosage?

My Biggest Dream: To Find Some Placidyl

Petula Clark- Greatest Hits Vol 1- I'm not even going to pretend to be embarrassed about this. The graphics here are great and the vinyl itself is gorgeous. The only downside here is that "Don't Sleep in the Subway" was relatively new during this release and wasn't included. I'm so pissed about this, it would elevated this to classic status.

Part 2: Ahh who am I kidding this is a classic.

Bobby "Blue" Bland- Member's Only- It's with great sorrow that I can't review my copy of this fine album. It's missing. I'm scared--this time it's personal!
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