Monday, May 28, 2007

Pop Culture Idiot: Interventions For F'd Up Folks

I'm going to take a break from waxing nostaglic about things like Frostie's and Eagle-Eyed GI Joes to help these walking time bombs from imploding on our watch.

Dr. Phil- It's safe to say Dr. Phil has hit a rough patch. The quality of his show has declined. It seems that Phil has forgone any true self-helping tools by turning up the volume and letting the crazies out. The nadir has to be the recent episode where Phil was consoling Maureen McCormick and her certifiable clan. He went the Nick at Nite route and insisted on calling her Marcia Brady. Sad, sad, sad...

It also seems that Oprah Winfrey doesn't like the carny like atmosphere and boilerplate solutions on Phil's show. That fact is probably why McGraw has that other production company on the end credits and Winfrey's face draws a blank whenever he's inadvertently mentioned.

Rosie's and her blog friends- I'm so boring/bored I actually listen to this drivel. As its been reported, Rosie O' Donnell won't be coming back to the View. It's a darned shame. Well when she came on she wanted a "spirited debate" with arch-nemesis Star Jones. Jones was booted before that could happen. Rosie did get her wish and was sent home crying by way of the most idiotic person on the planet Elisabeth Hasselback. What is that, karma, bad timing, bullshit? Anyway to clarify, the woman in the middle reportedly doodled a mustache on Hasselback's face. Good for her.

Dustin Diamond- Folks have no doubt been horrified by "Screech" and his displays on Celebrity Fit Club. I'm not. As an armchair psychotherbist (it's a word) I can understand him. He's a geek. He played on on Saved by the Bell and he is one. For better or worse, he spend his teenage years probably watching Zach and A.C. Slater having "fun" with Lisa, Jesse and Kelly. Flash up a few years, he's filmed himself getting it on with a couple of "ho's." I don't have a problem with that...

He's Even More Annoying: Here is Dustin Diamond's Fit Club nemesis, Harvey Walden. This decorated veteran went after Screech like an attack dog. In light of this dishonorable act, Walden is off the short list of potential editors for this blog. Nice sweater though, heh heh...

Howl! Tell me it's a dream. I'm saddened to see Lindsay Lohan transmorgrify from that cute young woman into a drug fiend. Looking back on those mid point movies, who would have called that? Lohan was given a DUI (a Ty Pennington in police code) and they found a usable amount of cocaine in her car. Cocaine? People still do that? I'm saddened.

Hey Mom, take care of your kid... I saw Dina Lohan on the red carpet on Entertainment Tonight. Yeah, that's a great place to be when your daughter's imploding. According to reports Dina and Lindsay were doing drugs together. I hope that's not true.

The Truth: I don't care, smoke em' if you got em'!
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