Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Donald Trump: Quitfired

Donald Trump at a "special" room at his house where his fake Apprentice sessions end up--in pain!

Picture it. 2005, two business typhoons, talk shop and make deals. Although that evening ended with me chasing Donald with a shovel, his plans for the Apprentice were well under way. Seems it's a long way from that magic night.

Donald Trump has quit the Apprentice. After NBC had the nerve to leave the fading program off the schedule, Trump decided to bail on us. Further confusing matters, Donald now says that NBC asked him to do another, but he's too busy. So in short, Trump was booted from the schedule was supposedly asked to do another, shopped the Apprentice around to other networks--and then quit. Wow, that sounds like fun!

History: I can think back to those heady days where the Apprentice wasn't "junk" or an "embarrassment." Season 5 seemed to seal the deal for a bunch of exiting viewers who never came back. Aside from its ratings failures, the show itself declined after George Ross and Caroline Kepcher no longer appeared and were replaced with Trump's kids. In a frightening development, they both are as boorish and odd as their old man.

What's wrong with this picture: Everything.
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