Monday, April 30, 2007

Daytime Problems

You know, I was saddened by the news of Rosie O' Donnell's departure from the View. Well, if sad means totally ecstatic. Here's some other junk that's going on too. It all makes me miss Later Today...

She's bat-shit crazy...

It seems like we're going to have to bid Rosie O'Donnell adieu. Adieu. O'Donnell is leaving the View after her six month kamikaze mission made the powers-that-be want to sign up for more. We were told that it was an issue of contracts, agents, big business. Me? I think that Barbara Walters probably had to respond to Rosie's "eat me" comment to Donald Trump at some high-level function.

Part 2: Who knew Rosie and Barbara were BFF's? Also it should be noted that both are chronic liars.

Replacements: The names floating around are Rosanne Barr, Connie Chung, Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg.

What?!: Roseanne Barr? After her successful 1999 talk show, I guess she's a shoo-in.

So far out of the loop, they might as well be broadcasting from Mars...

You don't need Dr. Kovac to call this one. The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet is deadly poison. This lethal yak fest team originated on Faux News and some great brain decided this actually has an audience. It doesn't.

The Sad Decline of Mike Whatever: From the looks of it, our Mike is the victim some old-time botched plastic surgery. I was looking at some older pics and he really doesn't look like the same person. Maybe he isn't (Jason screams and runs away...)

Meredith and Al hate each one another...

I have to say I enjoy the Today Show. That happy family of Katie, Matt, Al and Ann and long gone with Meredith Vieira in the mix making things odd. Of course I'm sure people also notice that Meredith seems to "disappear" with nary a word. We've investigated and we found out why. It seems her contract with the wretched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire prevents her from being on another show past 9 AM. That's why she hits the bricks. I swear one time I saw a sledding segment where she was zooming one minute--gone without a goodbye the next.

Natalie Morales: Meredith Vieira on meds.

This is who replaces Meredith every morning. She's what the kids refer to as a "total downer."

Worst news ever...

Now this story is even more sickening than Mark Steines. My world was rocked when CNN decided to send Soledad O'Brien (and the other guy) off of American Morning for former Fox Bot Kiran Chetry and an increasingly unnerving John Roberts.

My Take: Miles O' Brien was kind of boring and Soledad gets on people's nerves. Not me, I enjoy watching guests be uncomfortable.

Note: I'm only going to use this pic for journalistic purposes.

Five Minutes Later: Oh well...
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