Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kind of Watching It DVD's: Junk From My "Collection"

I got into collecting DVD's when I "visited" someone's house. They have, I mean, had a nice stash. Here's a few of the favorites...

The Affair (1973) Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Young Bruce Davidson and Schneider from One Day at a Time.

It was something seeing these two joining forces for this 1973 Aaron Spelling/Leonard Goldberg TV movie. Natalie Wood was carrying R.J. the whole way. Wood played the virginal Courtney Patterson. Patterson was a successful songwriter and she happened to have polio and or Polo. Wagner played Marcus Simon, an almost uncutous bon-vivant. What range!

The draw here of course is Natalie Wood. She was in her early '30s here and had a luminous and almost goofy presence. She looked great with everything, those big '70s glasses, odd clothes and even the world's biggest crutches. That wasn't enough for the slightly paunchy Marcus however. He broke camp and left Courtney all by her lonesome. Whenever I think of Courtney all alone, I pee pee myself.

Tech Stuff: Despite a multitude of options to clean up video/film for DVD releases, the folks at Vina chose none of them. This looks dreadful and probably a bit worse than the original TV movie did.

Best Scene: When Courtney told Marcus she was a virgin. Good times...

Rating: ***

Bubba and Fred reacting to the news that Marcus left...

Shaft's Big Score- (1972) We can call this Shaft's Big Bore. I find it stupeyfing that the makers of the iconic and excellent Shaft could come out with the worst action film this side of John Wayne's laughfest McQ. They did it alright. Shaft is of course played by Richard Roundtree and this time he's not cool but a total drag and a little annoying. And you know what else? The soundtrack's lousy, so is the script.

The Good Part: I got this as a "Double Feature" with Shaft. Also I've got trailers of all three movies including Shaft in Africa. You haven't lived until you've seen Shaft kicking up dust and fighting with a spear. It's so--inane...

Fast Fact: Shaft was part of CBS's New Tuesday Night Movie with Hawkins and ran from 1973 to 1974.
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