Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Commercial Stuff

Guess what, I've been busy helping the youth. I'm teaching them to be as expedient and untrustworthy as I am. The good news is I've seen a few commercials that all are a bit annoying, in their own special way...

This is an especially cute commercial for Special K. The actress in the clip is Elizabeth Hendrickson . I was surfing and found out she's also on All My Children, she's very attractive. And oh yeah, hot women don't eat Special K? Does anyone? See, I go back to the Kellogg's Snack Pack days and Special K is great in theory but often not worth the bother.

This commercial is for Special K with chocolate chunks. Sounds, bad!

Wouldn't you know it, I was puttering around the Special K site,smokin' and drinkin ' and look what I found. Oddly enough this spot ran a good time after Christmas. While I didn't recognize the rear end, I certainly knew who it was after a while...

Why, that's Stacy Edwards, one of my favorite actresses. She's been in a lot of stuff and even played the way boring Hayley Benson on Santa Barbara. She's probably best known as the girl in In the Company of Men and she did a bid/stint on Chicago Hope. So yeah while it was a pleasure seeing her here I don't have any idea why. She should have her own show or something...

Subway- Well it looks like Subway made short work of Jon Lovitz's dreary ads. Look who's back, Jared. This time he's
brought some friends. Jared's done a few of these joint ads and I just hope he's not starring with a person who will replace him. That would be a doggone shame. And granted, I'm no skinny dude myself but as I've stated delicately in the past, Jared looks like he's getting chunky again. He's certainly not svelte or in good enough shape to make eating at Subway a necessity.

Tales From The Road: I tried Subway's new Pastrami sandwich and it made me hurl.

Makes me want to hurt myself...The Singing Maxwell House Lady

There's no sense in trying to be hi-fi, we all know who this is. This is the singing woman from the Maxwell House commercials. She's first seen singing with her stolid crew and then she has a solo spot and shows the world how shrill her voice really is. I bet she expected her phone to ring off the hook, you know Clive Davis,
Clifton Davis, Clive Owen, whoever. It's time for me to ease her mind: Hey, Maxwell House Lady, you can't sing! Now!

Geico- I'm probably the only person who finds this ad totally annoying. I just don't think it's funny and I'm sick of seeing it. For me, the things the announcer said just weren't humorous at all. That's the object and at this point, I don't even know what Geico does.

The Good News: Blousey shirts and funny-looking pants are back!
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