Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ghost Riding The Whip: A Review

Oh hi. I have to do some community service. Ain't that a shame. To get it out of the way, I decided to warn people of this disgusting game our worst and dimmest are partaking in. They call it "ghost riding the whip." In esoteric terms, it's called "wasting time." Here's a few of my favorite morons.

Well kudos for picking the right car. Who cares if that wreck gets demolished in some foolish game. Despite the pic, this guy was getting a good amount of speed. He seemed to be more skilled at it then others, posing til' closing and he was certainly agile. I would have given anything to see that tired ass car flatten him like a hotcake.

Rating: **1/2

Got to say this dude is really raising the game. Look at that pic, you'd think he was auditioning for the Spinners. Sadly, he's another dolt dancing around his moving car. I've got to give points for the weird, demented dancing this guy did. It's docked a notch for his not "maning up" and doing this at a park. A park? What about a freeway?

Rating *** 1/2

Really is any song so good you have to dance to it like this?
Unlike the other clips n' pics these jerks faces are clearly seen. I hope they are duly ashamed. And look at the older dude letting his little brother standing on a moving vehicle like that. Yep, yep he's making him be the workhorse in the act. We all see what kind of toll it took on Little Michael Jackson. Pull your weight Tito!

Rating: ***

A bad afternoon. What this guy was doing wasn't really even the odious and aforementioned "ghost riding." This was "exiting a car going 35 MPH." See, this Einstein didn't believe in putting the car in neutral like the rest of these freedom fighters, he jumped out while a ton of speed was still in the mix. We see the results. The truck hit and tree and we all see how Chuck's doing...

Rating: ****

Disclaimer: The truck felt a bit sore after the accident. He called me and told me he was doing ok.
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