Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kind of Watching It TV: Reality BS

So much junk on TV, so little time. Here's a few shows I'm going to have nightmares about...

Armed and Dangerous- I'm shocked by our American public. I for one will not let the cancellation of this show go without mention. I guess we've been too busy with our Y2K parties and the Bicentennial to be bothered. The premise of this was amazing. Armed and Dangerous followed the exploits of five celebrities putting away their revolting hedonism to become cops in Muncie, Indiana.

It Started Out So Promising: Yes it did. This was a tasteful show, it seemed to be carving out its own niche even with loose cannons like Jack Osbourne and Wee Man. The sad fact is that American Idol crushed this in the ratings and that was all she wrote.

The Best Cops: The best one of course was Erik Estrada. He had a commanding presence, you'd think he actually had been a cop or at least played one years ago or something. Good news, Estrada is planning to return to Muncie and work as a cop.

My Take: Goody

I'd love to see Erik Estrada tasered everyday!

Finally got a chance to see Egotrip's (White) Rapper Show. My parole officer had this playing on his television set. The stolid host of this potential meltdown is MC Serch from 3rd Bass. The deal is simple here, white rappers go through an often silly competitions to be the winner. The prize is of course monetary but you know, I think just being under Serch's tutelage is good enough. He's a great guy.

My True Feelings About Serch: Get a load of this guy. I've noticed a little too much bass and tone in Serch's dismissals of the losing contestants. Yep, I think he enjoys yelling at folks. Here's something for you Serch: Step Off!!!!

Notes: I told Serch to "Step off."

Grease-You're The One That I Want- This is lethal. NBC had the bright idea to search all over to find a Sandy and Danny from Grease. You know what? I have no idea if they need a Kenickie but every time I've turned to this I'm seeing the world's worst auditions. And really if they do find the best people left standing, who cares? It's not like they're going to do the movie again.

The Biggest Mistake of All: The vulgar Billy Bush presides over this disaster. The strangest thing is that this show is so craptastic even he can't feign enthusiasm. Now that's sick...
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