Friday, January 26, 2007

Pop Culture Idiot: Flat Out Annoying Stuff

If it's possible, there's even more stuff that's driving me crazy. Looks like it's time to triple-up on my nerve medicene.

Wow, that's dummy looks just like Isaiah Washington...

Isaiah Washington's having a time. See? It looks like if you make Patrick
Dempsey's hair fall out of place, bad luck follows. You know what's
hilarious about this "tragedy" it's the fact that it all could have
been avoided. The furor did die down until Washington stoked the embers at the Golden Globe Awards. Good going! Now the news is filled with this guy and he's probably going to have to go to the crazy house just for being a total jackass.

Bow tie Rating: 6 1/2 out of 10

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy, I'm getting ready tired of
those commercials on Lifetime. It's not like it's celebrated its 300th episode or anything and now I've got to act like its Gunsmoke or something. And you know what? I do remember the firsts. Why? Because they happened last year.

Losing the Crocidile Hunter was really bad. You know what's worse? My ambivalent feelings about Bindi Irvin. While I do understand that she's reportedly following in her father's footsteps, I'm not terribly interested. Not at this time. You know why? It's because she's 8 years old. I think it's all a bit too much but then again kids drive me crazy on a good day.

Stop hating on Greg!

Well I guess those who are aganist American's can-do attitude and our freedoms can rejoice: The Greg Behrendt Show has been cancelled. Damnit! When I first saw the news, I felt queasy and then I hurled, Greg deserves better. It seems that Greg is being squeezed out of the business by way of the Keith Ablow (assumedly in its death throes) and the upcoming Steve Wilkos program. There's only one thing to say: Good luck Craig!

It seems that Rachael Ray is everywhere. My street team told me that she's the and now Ritz, Triscuit and Wheat Thins aren't safe. Really can Fleet Enemas and Quaker State be far behind? Rachael Ray doesn't annoy me, what does annoy me is seeing 20 to 30 little pictures of Rachael Ray in my snack food aisle. It's disconcerting and I think they're going to get bigger, take on a human form and then strangle me. Did I say that out loud?

I couldn't resist...

Wow, she totally doesn't like coke anymore. She's posing with a dog, she's cured!

Good lord, talk about your fast post-rehab photo shoot. Of course that's Tara Conner and being off drugs for a brief time never looked some wholesome. I'm no Dr.Scholls but I can safely say it's going to take more than this, I'm not that easily distracted. Miss USA's a Junkie!

Part 2: Nice dog...

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