Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Ever Happened To???

I've been in a reflective mood of late. I've been waxing nostalgic about days gone by. I'm missing a few things too and hopefully my blog provides a proper forum for this mysteries...

Missing: Justin Timberlake: Blog Editor

It's crunch time now. I'm known as a boss who's hard but fair, but this is ridiculous. Justin's reportedly out gallivanting with women like Scarlett Johansson and again doesn't have time to edit this blog.

Private Business Made Public: This is Jason, Justin you need to come back to work. I can't do this alone!

Missing: Happy Zach Braff

I miss Happy Zach Braff. The invites to parties, the crazy, kooky IM's. Now I hear that Zach has mild depression. I'm shocked, I really wouldn't have known it from his movies.

My Advice: Get happy

And speaking of Mandy Moore, look it's my flowers. Oh gosh golly darn, I just might get lucky!!!

Missing: Non
Revolting VH1

There's a screenshot from VH1 in 1998. Looking back, the execution was quaint though nice. I bet with enough clicks I'd get to see Sarah McLachlan's old tour schedule. All of this navel gazing begs the question: When did VH1 turn into a poop factory? They've pretty much have gone from Storytellers to Ron Jeremy. How disgusting and soul-numbing is that.

Missing: Good Ol' Paul McCartney

Got to hand it to him, he had a great run as one of show businesses "nice
guys." Looks like that's all over. My street team tells me he has a
foul mouth, a nasty temper and he hit Heather Mills on her good leg.
Just look at him, I bet he doesn't rewind his videos before returning them too!

Missing: Rick Schroder

Looks like we're going to have to say goodbye to Rick Schroder. According to reports, he doesn't like his name, Rick Schroder. The special bulletins were right, he's going back to being called Ricky Schroder. He also said that being called Rick "never felt right." I know what he means, when people call me Rick Schroder it never feels right either...
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