Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Megan Mullally Show/Geraldo At Large: Cancelled

Cute pics of Megan Mullally to ease the pain of the inevitable cancellation...

First the Godfather now this. What's the world coming to? Here's two perfectly awful shows and the powers that be decide to cancel them. I'm going on a hunger strike! Sadly, I saw both of these cancellations coming from miles away...

The Megan Mullally Show- To be honest, I didn't check a lot of this show--my tum tum wouldn't permit me to. Got to say, despite all of the buildup and promise this was frightenly bad stuff.

The Problems: Guests, remember them? Megan didn't seem to score a ton of them. I have no idea why not. There isn't any juggernaut taking the guests except for Ellen, Regis, Rachael Ray and the View. Well that could have posed a slight problem. The main failure of the Megan Mullally Show was its clumsy application of a '70s style ethos. Even a cursory look at Dinah! and the Mike Douglass Show proves one thing: They had A list guests and a lot of them. Not to Having Jenny McCarthy and Debra Messing doing their worst interviews didn't get the job done.

<------Mr. Loud N'Wrong....

Geraldo At Large- I was hoping to see Geraldo sand blast Gerald Ford's coffin to see if Jerry was in there or just playing. Sadly at this point, Geraldo is a man without a queasy circumstance to exploit. For some reason after his pathetic OJ based displays on CNBC, Rivera lost his mojo. The returns for Geraldo At Large are embarrasing to say the least. In most markets he's opposite strong competition from local news and sitcoms. That competition put a chokehold on Geraldo, darn it!

The Nadir: Digging into the archives to go back to visit New York's "Heroin Alley." Heroin Alley?

In most areas, Geraldo at Large will be replaced by shows like Still Standing. Oh say it isn't so!
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