Friday, December 08, 2006

The Price Is Right: Potential New Hosts

Jason to Bob Barker: I'll see ya!

You know, people can cry all day and night about Bob Barker, I'm all about the future. Here's something that might be hard to digest but it's true, if the Price is Right is to stay on, it's going to need another host. Here's a few people I think are up for the job.

Arsenio Hall- To be a game show host, you have to be quick, entertaining and smarmy. Check, check and check. Hall already has some experience with hosting duties with his run at Star Search. Plus he would give the show an irreverent air, he's truly hilarious in the right context.

The Bad Part: I couldn't bare seeing him everyday...

Bob Goen- He's still in the business isn't he? The last I saw him he was on Good Day Live carving a turkey. After getting the boot from the increasingly cringe-worthy ET, this might be a vast improvement.

Note: You see that pic, that's from his stint on the daytime version of the Wheel of Fortune, he's done this before!

Al Roker- Al Roker's got jokes huh? Al Joker. If he keeps on looking like a pissed off 3 year old on the Today Show, he's going to need a new job. If you ask me, Meredith, Matt, Al and Ann totally doesn't need the "Al" and rather than debase himself going to Fox he can embarrass himself here...

The Given: Al Roker will embarrass himself everywhere.

Lopez leaving the Pop Culture Idiot offices after harassing and threatening the editor...

Mario Lopez- Despite his cry baby antics after losing to Emmett Smith on Dancing With The Stars, Lopez might be a good choice. For some odd reason he has a fan base and has gotten hosting gigs like the Animal Planet's Those Darned Poisonous Snakes.

The Fine Print: I think it's a win-win if win means hell on earth.

Clay Aiken- Isn't that picture awful? Looks like my crack investigation showed another handsy Clay Aiken instance. If you know anything about Bob Barker's back story, it's filled with a lot of court time. I can see Barker know surfing the net looking for someone to grope on. As for Clay? He wants his own talk show--hopefully reality will put a stop to that.

Part II: That's a tight grip there, chief...

John Davidson: The Wild Card

I saw a prostitute weaving and bobbing after a scuffle. I asked her who did it, she said John Davidson. I think he'd be a great host for the Price is Right. He's so American and bland, he'd be Pat Boone if the other one wasn't still hanging around wasting time/space.

A Sad Realization: While folks are boinking the night away, I'm talking about Pat Boone and John Davidson.
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