Friday, December 15, 2006

My Favorite Videos, What?!

Oh hi. Guess what. I've been having trouble with YouTube. It seems that they think I want to see these videos and saved them to my favorites. Awful, awful, where's my Ludicrous, Radiohead and that group that married Gwyneth Paltrow? Oh well, here's a few of the "favorites" they say I like...

Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne- You're A Friend of Mine- Isn't that dear? When was the wedding date for those two? Legend has it that Clemons true friend and kissing buddy, Bruce Springsteen begged off of this hunk of '80s cheese. Enter Jackson Browne. I guess Clarence figured any guy in a plaid shirt with a goodtar would do. Got to say I do like Jackson Browne's vocal here, it's so Jackson Browne-y. I would have loved to have heard a so bad its good album with Browne and Narada Michael Walden. It probably would have been better than that dirge-fest Lives in the Balance.

I love this era of Daryl Hannah, so artsy and vacuous...

The Romantics-Talking In Your Sleep When a great song meets a bad, bad video. In case some of the youth are reading, the Romantics were never "cool." They were ok, but they were old-timey around the edges. Gosh that hair's high isn't it? Sad to say this is one of my favorite songs and this video? Not horrible at all...

A Certainity: Wherever this song is playing, there's some dude bobbing his head trying to look cool.

Michael Jackson- Blood on the Dance Floor
- You can call this yet another juncture where Michael should have begged off plastic surgery. Really, I think he looks kind of cool here. This record didn't sell diddly however. And about Michael. For a suoopsed will o' the wisp he sure likes ghoul, blood and stuff. Sonically speaking, this song is basically that reheated stoup he's been making for far too long.

Fast Fact: The aliens liked this version of Michael Jackson so much, they engineered one and he's totally the biggest star ever.

Kym Sims- Too Blind To See It That's one of my favorites from the early '90s. Got to say I had no idea Kym Sims was that cute, I saw a promo CD and pretty much saw nothing but a big hat. Well the video does have the aforementioned hat but quite a nice looking woman underneath. Not a happy one though if we're going by her, "Honey let me tell you something/No man in the world" days. Heh, it's hilarious, I could listen to that all day.
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