Friday, December 22, 2006

Donald Trump vs. Rosie O' Donnell

It seems that my friend Donald Trump has been ignoring my emails and calls. We had planned to do some Christmas stuff together when this fight with Rosie O' Donnell broke out. What can I do? I guess I'll survey the vitriol and hope I don't get queasy.

Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell- The Beginning: Here's the backstory. Rosie was talking about Donald Trump's role in the Miss USA debacle. She basically ran him to the dogs--and got some great laughs.

Got to admit, that's a pretty funny impression. I laughed and I can't stand Rosie O' Donnell. Of course the clip is a bit edited, there was also some talk (and crosstalk) about Trump's father, bankruptcy and the snake oil salesman comment.

A Recap: A few hours later after the laughs were ringing in his ears, Donald Trump blew his stack. He could no longer govern his passions and he let Rosie O have it. A more reasoned man would let bygones be bygones but Trump's not there yet as the clip below shows.

Disclaimer: If YouTube pulls the clip it's basically Donald Trump exploding with rage. What's that? A gunshot? Donald, are you ok?

"I'd like to take some money out of her fat ass pockets..." Nice to see Donald taking it so well. Got to say this Rosie bash fest is particularly vicious. I don't think I've seen anyone drill someone like this. Although Donald didn't make himself look any better with any of those asides, I think it's hilarious, it just is.

An Update: Nothing, these two still hate each other...
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