Monday, January 01, 2007

James Brown's Last "Tour": A Review

In all seriousness, I'm an insane James Brown fan--some might say obsessive. I have a lot of his work, a lot. You know what I don't need? To see James Brown after he's dead. It's strictly "my deal" you know? He's worked and overworked as the hardest working man in show business. That being said, if anyone needs a rest--it's him, but not like this...

Of course the whole occasion has made for some dreadful photo ops. In fact, I had a picture up here until I couldn't bare looking at it anymore. I had to zap it from my hardrive. That's not true--the whole thing made me crash, recrash and crash my system in an attempt to rid myself of it. The good news? It's gone. The bad news? I lost the addresses a few prostitutes in the area.

Here's a pic from Brown's funeral in Augusta, Georgia. I felt this whole deal was more fitting. Various members of his bands appeared and of course that's Michael Jackson. As a fan, I will review the ceremonies, there's nothing wrong with that, well...

The Apollo Ceremony B
The Augusta Service A+
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