Thursday, November 23, 2006

Michael Richards b/w Clay Aiken

Remember those classic songs? Ahh yes, I can't forget. I was just working on a post about my favorite bygone breakfast cereals but later for Quisp. We've got more pressing pop culture business, a week of total shame! I can't resist.

Here's this disaster, a shell of a man. I've got to say I wasn't surprised at Kramer's Tirade. It's not like I saw him as a member of the KKK but still--not shocked. How many times did he say the N-word? As soon as even thought about saying the first one, I would have jumped up and...

Edited because this is a family blog....

Yeah I would have!

Part 2: Just look at him, the hate and rage--and good lord, isn't that Oprah's set? Yeah he's coming back. And oh yeah, Michael Richards recently contacted Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Like they don't have more important stuff than to see Kramer's crocodile tears.

Clay Aiken's Great Guesthosting Stint!

A Bona-Fide Mess. Just when you thought that this was dying down, leave to me to reheat these still-ok leftovers. I used a clip that looked real grainy to bring out the ee-vil, hoo hah hah. Long short short, I do think Kelly Ripa overreacted. This coming from a big time germaphobe. I think it's embarrasing.

More Junk: As the feud died down, an important part of the sickening puzzle was revealed.

Check that fool out, speaks volumes...

Leave it to Big Mouth. Wouldn't you know this fool got in the middle of it stating that Ripa's remark was homophobic. At press time, Clay Aiken hasn't stated his sexual orientation. For me, the issue is Kelly Ripa acting like a jackass over Clay's alledgedly dirty, germ-filled, typhoid-laden hands.

His hands don't look clean as a whistle either...
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