Monday, November 13, 2006

Kind of Watching It TV: Ice T's Rap School

It had to happen, Ice T with his own reality show. I knew it was going after his segment on Cribs when he called his Kool Aid "pimp Kool-Aid." That deserves at least a 15 episode commitment. While he makes like a block of wood with sporadic life-like approximations on Law and Order: SUV, Ice was once one of music's brightest stars. He was certainly one of my favorites. Oh yeah, he was a totally misogynistic and probably started gangsta rap but anyway...

The premise here has T teaching the kids from York Prep how to be rappers. While I don't expect any of the kids to have real skills, the very idea is off putting. Why should we care?
Of course this plays into a few stereotypes of boring-ass kids with no flow and or shy ones who find themselves via Ice-T's old-timey rapping style. It's all garbage and sadly entertaining.

Kids Are Annoying...

I hate these kids. What's to like? They've got fresh mouths, no talent and they're moronic. Guess what? One of the kids even brought up the fact that Ice-T hasn't had a hit in 10 years. Actually it's 15. To his credit, Ice-T does seem to have a ton of patience and retained all of his great skills. I just wish he'd revert back to Ice-T of the '90s talking about sawed off shotguns, peeling caps back, good times....

Grade B+

No "Teach" No!!!!
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