Monday, October 16, 2006

Sanford and Son: Episode Reviews

I caught a few Sanford and Son episodes during TV Land's 1202 Hour Marathon. I've got to say all of those prime 1972-75 episodes were still hilarious. Of course the show's run was interrupted by Redd Foxx not appearing in the final six episodes of the 74-75 season. Foxx did reappear in the fourth season yet 3 more Foxx-less ep's appeared throughout the season. In short, Foxx's absence ruined the show's momentum and then some. Since the whole world's waiting, here's a review of some of the later shows...

The Hawaii Connection- (1976) If there was anyone proof this show was done, here's the talking point. This was originally a hour episode that opened the sixth and final season of the long-running sitcom. Long short short, a gang wanted to stash jewels in what not in a dummy's luggage. Guess who they picked? Fred G. Sanford. The G stands for going off the air!

Yep, I Watch To Much TV: The supporting cast in this episode also included Sheldon Leonard, Greg Morris, Barbara Rhodes, James Gregory, the iconic Don Ho and David Huddleson.

Part 2: This is brutal stuff. By this point the chemistry between Foxx and Demond Wilson was barely there. Wilson in particular looked like he was sleepwalking through these episodes...

Grade: C+

Redd Meets Fred (1976)Fred and Lamont were filing income taxes. At the same time, Fred wanted to compete in the Redd Foxx look-a-like contest. You know, Fred's an alright guy, but it was such a long shot. Fred Sanford simply doesn't look like Redd Foxx to me. This moving episode we saw Redd and Fred meet one another. It was electric. I think they felt it too because they could barely make eye contact. Fred won the contest (shocker) and I felt tremendous relief.

Dreadful: Really the show should have been cancelled on the spot after this was taped.

Grade: C-

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