Monday, October 30, 2006

Pop Culture Idiot: Crime N' Punishment

Oh hi. You know when someone says they're going to "kneecap" you, it totally means your kneecaps. In any event, I've had to come up with some draconian measures for a few of these folks. I know they'll see it my way--and to all of them, you're welcome!

Philip-Michael Thomas was the epitome of cool when he played Ricardo Tubbs on Miami Vice. Flash up to big time waster, Trivial Pursuit's "Totally '80s" and he's dressed like me. Hopefully this was a new "character" Rico was testing out, you know, Geekazoid. While I bet he's a whiz at all things pop culture, I don't see Thomas liking this game--or having the tolerance for it.

Charges: Bad clothes, mugging, that hat...

Punishment: Not yet determined at press time. I'm sure it will be pretty bad though...

Harold Ford Sr: An Awful, Awful, Oddly Hilarious Clip

Bad, bad dad... Be forewarned, Harold Ford Sr. uses an epithet, doggone it. This clip? Totally inappropriate and all kinds of funny.

Leave It To Fox: They actually played this "mishap" twice in the story. It's Harold Ford Sr: The Remix!

Crime: Blowing his cool in front of cameras.

Harold Ford Sr has to wash his mouth out, with soap!

Danny Bonaduce: Still Flirtin' With Disaster. You'd think that common sense would assert itself and Bonaduce would "calm his ass down." Nothing doing. That's a recent pic of him at some party. He looks like he's out of it.

Crime: Covering the same ol' ground and steroiding and weight lifting his body to the point where he looks like a knock-off GI Joe.
And really, why did he have to get an eye job?

Punishment: More TV shows!
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