Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pop Culture Idiot Progress Report: TV

Oh hi. You know I have to keep up with friends of the blog like Barbara Walters and Al Roker. If there's any complaints, it's because I love them and TV so much!

Meredith Vieira: Today- So far, the transition has worked out pretty well. Except for a few things however. Meredith and Al don't seem to be hitting it off. From the abrupt transitions to the icy stares, it's hilarious. I think Katie's exit has made Al a little testy. When he gets on his soapbox or acts like he's at the Improv, Meredith steers him back to reality via asking about the weather. It's great TV.

Sadly, the odd energy between Meredith and Al only lasts for two hours. At 9 Vieira apparently takes the first thing smoking out of the studio and is replaced by Natalie Morales. Al seems happy with that...

Here's some disturbing "art" I found on the internet...

The View- The View. This show offers fresh hell every morning. You know it's bad when they reference Lisa Ling and Star Jones in the same week. Well actually they mentioned Star, twice. The most notable thing about this train wreck is the continued mental breakdown of Elisabeth Hasselback. Her buffoonery is well-documented. What's not so documented? Rosie O'Donnell's Misery like insanity and the fact that it looks like Barbara Walters has finally lost her mind too.

Solution: Cancellation.

The Montel Williams Show- You know, out of all of these shows, the Montel Williams Show has improved the most. But it's not perfect. Every year it seems like some show tries to steal Montel's viewers. Montel's got something for them: More Sylvia Browne. She's been fairly ubiquitous this year--and she's certainly more entertaining than that hopeless Megan Mullally Show or Creepy Keith Ablow. Browne and Williams have such nice chemistry, it helps when she's doing those readings and scaring the bejesus out of me...

Here's a snippet from a conversation I had with Sylvia about my blog.

Jason: How's my blog?

Sylvia: It's awful
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