Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The View: Not Great


I just had to watch the 10th season debut especially since Rosie O' Donnell signed on. Being as observant as I am, I noticed that Meredith Vieira and Star Jones were missing, what happened to them?

Despite the occasional funny line, chaos seemed to rule. The transitions were shaky, the banter was forced and O'Donnell was just nervous. There was a weird moment where they all were talking about "Hollywoodland" then Superman George Reeves as file footage of Steve Irwin played. Ridiculous.

Believe or not, the show actually had a guest besides cringe worthy discomfort. Jessica Simpson came out in the world's shortest dress and the camera was able to see what she was wearing underneath, twice. Barbara looked a little tired during this segment, Rosie perked right up and got distracted and that left Hasselbeck and Behar to attain some structure.

During the break, a bearded Bill Geddie hopped up and talked to Rosie and pointed at his head set. I don't know if he was telling her to pipe down, listen or take her neds. It's a mystery!

The Rest: After that disaster the View played a "catch-up" video on Rosie's exploits for the past few years. It pretty much came with subliminal messages like, "Look, she's not crazy," "Rosie's our friend" and "Totally not crazy." It didn't work. After her dreary song, Jessica Simpson came from backstage and hauled out a cake for O' Donnell. For what?

Grade: B- Upped a notch for the laugh/disaster factor.
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