Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lonelygirl 15: Fake, Fake and Fake

Oh hi, just when everyone thought I in solitary confinement, me and my street team have been pounding the pavement. In this case, it's bad news for the youngsters out there. It seems that YouTube favorite, Lonelygirl 15 is a fake. For the past few months this "home schooled" young woman has been prattling on about a litany of total uninteresting things. Of course, this became popular, with comments sections filled with come-ons, "witty" asides and pure blarney.

Despite the "unrehearsed" environment, this video blog is looking like it's just a bunch of rubbish. Rubbish, wow, I said rubbish--that's scary...

Whoops!: You'd think this character's pitch-perfect ennui and good timing would tip this off as a colossal faker. Not quite. In this case, a computer offers stunning evidence. It turns out some jackasses with time on their hands found that "Lonelygirl15's" reply on a message board came from a computer--at CAA in Beverly Hills. I'm shocked!

Part 120,090 and a Half:
In this drama, we are going to eventually find out who this chick is, who "Daniel" is, a guy who appears in the videos. You know what I'd like to know too? If this girl is really 16 if so, she's the oldest looking 16 year old ever...

Update: Lonelygirl15 turns out to be a 19 year old actress from New Zealand named Jessica Rose. This is/was concocted by two aspiring filmakers. Lonelygirl15 will continue even though it's all been a ruse.

Update: Proving the point that all things diabolical or quizzical has a Maryland connection, Lonelygirl15 Jessica Rose was born in Salisbury, Maryland. Oh the horrors, that's about an hour away from the Pop Culture Idiot news tower, I wasn't alerted!!!


How could I forget, this fabricated character reminds me of another one. Look, an early pic of storyteller James Frey...

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