Sunday, September 03, 2006

Carolyn Kepcher: Fired

My blog received some difficult news. A young lady I mentored Carolyn Kepcher has been relieved of her duties with my friend Donald Trump. I knew this was going to happen. Donald slipped a note in my Trapper Keeper during 4th period and told me "Caroline" was history.

This is a history that has been shared by all of us. Throughout the 15 seasons of the Apprentice, we've seen Carolyn mature from shrill/pissy to totally unlikable. In fact, she's a big part of the reason why that show "sucks" now. Reports say that Carolyn was acting like an entitled jackass, getting hefty pay days on the side with his chintzy speaking deals and endorsements. I for one was spefically turned off with those Polident Overnight commercials, she still has her teeth! As we all know Donald Trump isn't one for brazen self-promotion or aggrandizement.

--> %)%)%480235 Oops...indent, over here... Here's what the Donald has to say!

"What I did was a good thing for Carolyn," he said. "I'm doing something that's best for her. She's a terrific person."

Ah, he fired her, he's so munificent. When are they giving out the Nobel Prize again? Here's another one...

"Let's put it this way: She enjoyed the success of 'The Apprentice' very much," Trump said.

Ooh! That's classic Donald--that's a burn.

Nice to see her rebounding, her shirt has a positive message too...
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