Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Random Mutterings...

The following was transcribed from my diary entries...

Just when I thought I had a strong stomach for this kind of thing, this makes me toss my hypothetical cookies all over my shoes. Without hesitation, Celebrity Duets is one of the worst shows I've ever seen. I should work for me, but it doesn't. I find it so depressing.

You know what really drives me crazy? Those judges. While not much of what Marie Osmond says really registers, the biggest annoyance here is David Foster. You'd think Little Richard and his warmed over shtick would do it, but now, he's got serious competition here. Frankly the sight of Foster and Little Richard together short-circuits my nervous system.

The Solution:
Get a new nervous system.

As we all know, we lost the Crocodile Hunter not too long ago. I for one thought it was a piece of oddly devastating news. That fact sure isn't stopping the Animal Planet from running his shows like crazy. I guess they had no idea and they're just playing these programs as they were scheduled months in advance. Still it weird to hear the Crocodile Hunter "chatting it up" and now everything has a subtext.

Solution: Stop playing "Crocodile Hunter" for a few weeks...

Update: A New Enemy It seems now that Australians are killing stringrays in light of the Crocodile Hunter tragedy. We all know doggone well, Steve wouldn't have wanted it that way...

A Perfect C+

I've got to say I'm not taking to this CBS/Katie Couric deal. But I am struck with Couric's dedication and the fact that she's a trouper. She's been doing these recent telecasts without changing her expression, let's call it her "news face." Some might say her face "looks broken" or that it's "totally botox." Me? I think she just a serious minded news reader. I look forward to seeing more of her, in my nightmares...

A Request: Go back to NBC

Mr. Biggs! Live, Hot and In Prison!

I got a bad report on one of my favorite entertainers, Ronald Isley. The lead singer of the Isley Brothers has had an awful run-in with the IRS and it looks like "Mr Biggs" might be doing some down time, in the stony mansion. Despite me being a gloomy gus, I think Isley's sentence will not be the full three years. It's not like he's going to be a prison gang leader shanking people and sounding off to the wardens. Good behavior should expedite matters.

Part 2: Although he's having legal woes, Ronald Isley's one of my favorites. As horrible as his crimes were, I say he needs a slap on the wrist and that's all. Ronnie Isley's too much of an icon to go to prison. There, I said it!
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