Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kind of Watching It TV: A Bunch Of Craptasic Shows

TV is getting sillier and sillier, it's actually hard to keep up. I had the good fortune to see some dreadful programs. Let's review them together!

Dr. Phil...I got a taste of the dreaded Dr. Phil house and was it ever bad. This is supposed to be a focal point to the show this season and it's stinks to high heaven. It's overdone, silly, odd and pointless. Here's an idea? How about helping people in the studio? The above pic is Dr. Phil at the "control room" peeping at one of the families who will implode and inexplicably "get better" under his tutelage. It's so tiring...

The Guest Who Won't Shut His Freaking Pie Hole: I head that Dr. Phil is going to live with the folks at the Dr. Phil house. Oh, that can't be for real. Frankly I don't know if I'd want to share my soap on a robe with "Phil."

A Confession: I'd like to backhand Dr. Phil so hard I'd lose my balance.

The Megan Mullally Show- I don't/didn't have high hopes for this one. Despite Mullally's talent, the show is so shopworn and silly that it hit the cringe-worthy mark within five minutes. The debut show had Mullally and singers doing makeshift lyrics to "Age of Aquarius" and "Hair." One of the songs lyrics had to do with making out with Debra Messing. Even as horny as I am, I just don't care. The first guests were Will Ferrell and Jenny McCarthy.

Nice invite, but if that show doesn't get better in a hurry, that couch, table, etc will be in storage so fast it would make Caroline Rhea's head spin.

The Clear Reference Point: While this has Rosie's old show written all over this, Mullally reportedly said she wanted to make this like the Mike Douglas Show. The problem is Douglas wasn't irreverent, he was serious about that hooey/bunk/stuff.

The Greg Behrendt Show- You know, actually Behrendt is a cool, intelligent guy despite his often odd appearance. The problem here? The production values. These guys could talk about all of the hi-fluent stuff they want, the set is pure '90s cheese. I keep expecting to see Richard Bey or a metal chair flying. Another problem is seeing Behrendt in this setting, wearing those little ties and stuff, I keep wanting to see him drop his cards and just do a header in the audience and start wailing away...

What I've Learned: I can't spell Behrendt, I want to type Brendhart, help me somebody!

The Tony Danza Chronicles: This is a heads up for those who didn'theard the news. The Tony Danza Show has been taken off the air. There was an online petition (yeah, they work) to keep the Tony Danza program on and running. Well, you don't see him do ya? It's a darned shame...
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