Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Saturday Night Live: Cast Updates

You know you're making it in the business when folks like Lorne Michaels send you emails. Lorne just messaged me and said, "Jason, I want you to break the news about the cast departures. That was a few weeks ago, guess I'm a wee bit late...

People have been calling for his ouster for years now, and they got their wish. Despite his impressive, pre-SNL credentials, Sanz never really broke out as an essential player. Most notably, he's been known for cracking up with ex-cast member Jimmy Fallon. Oddly enough, they did their most laughing on skits that weren't that funny. Without Fallon, however, Sanz lost his tenuous context and grasp on reality.

Say What?: Seems like Sanz left the following on his MySpace page:

"Hi my Dear fans and friends alike,
I have decided to not return to Saturday Night Live this season. I wish the best to everyone at the show and expect them to have a great season. It's been a wonderful eight years and I am grateful for all the friends I was able to make and all the great people..."

Oh lordy, that's one for the Too Much Information Files...

Chris Parnell having a whale of a time at my blog's Disco Party...

Although he certainly had his share of good moments, Parnell has also been let go at SNL. Debuting as a featured member the same year as Sanz, Parnell's output too is sketchy. Parnell was canned shortly before the 2001-2002 season. He returned to the show in March of 2002.

The Main Problem: As a straight-man, Parnell was often too straight.
Of course, his raps and the Narnia digital short display his true skills.

Note: Parns looks totally drunk in that pic.

Finesse Mitchell- Not a shock. Mitchell has been on the show for three seasons and really didn't get a ton of laughs. Most egregiously, Mitchell wasn't ever given any great recurring characters and did silly parts of his stand-up at the Update desk. Unlike many cast members who unceremoniously got the boot, I've got a feeling Mitchell is much, much better than what he was given to do on SNL.

Dratch and Fey, Again... Hey, they look like back to back bad dates, huh. Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch also left. Both are on that NBC show that's not the one with Matthew Perry. Those two were on a good while too--and let's face it, neither one are Gilda Radner or Eddie Murphy so they both can hit it...

Verdict: The show will be fine.
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