Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pop Culture Idiot: Achiever of the Minute: Quincy Jones

Q Jones says, "Look Jason, you know you wish you could work it like me...later Big Nose..."

I know people wanted me to can my blog awards, thinking it got "too big." But see, I had to bring it back for someone really special, even if we're clearly in a war of words. That special person is Quincy Jones, or "Q Jones" as I call him teasingly. Me and Q go way back, you know I discovered him, he was a trumpet player in my band, Jason Elias's Kings O' Swing.

As a music fan, I've got a lot of Quincy Jones in my collection and I'm partial to his 1972-1981 work. What else do I like about Q? How gets some great looking women. His latest girlfriend's name is Heba Elawadi, she's 19. Jones is 73, and I wish them the best of luck.

Unfiltered: 19? Damn! What's the age difference there? 60 years? Q must be more popular than me. I'm treated like an old man/troll on MySpace and Q's dating a 19 year old girl. What in the world could he have in common with her? I don't know. Even worse, the two met at a Ludacris CD listening party. That's just all kinds of wrong...

Back For More: Look at Q Jones acting like he's the bees knees. When you get down to it, this girl isn't exactly Peggy Lipton. Yeah I said it, this 19 year old child isn't exactly "all that" as the kids say. What? What was that? You trying to say something Q?

Note: After my "outburst" I sent Quincy a hand-carved peace offering. I hope he likes it, I've got my copy on my desk!
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