Saturday, June 17, 2006

The View: The Sandra Bernhard Episode

Sniff, sniff, what's that? I smell something burning. It's the smoke from a once vital show that's turning into a grade A psycho circus. I do feel bad. Everytime I tell myself I'm not going to talk about The View (I had such lofty ideas) something else pops up that's totally worthy to discuss in my diary.

Sandra Bernhard appeared on the View and proceeded to put the slams on, well everybody. This is a mess--and one I enjoyed immensely, here's the link

Recap: The View's problems are clear in that 7 minute clip: Star Jones and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. How petty and small-minded have become. I loved hearing Star defend Mariah Carey--like she gives a hoot. I bet these gals thought this was going to be an easy interview, well they had 15 other thoughts coming. You know what I love here, the tension. See what happens without Meredith? And when you think about it a full-throttle, bad week/weekend Rosie O' Donnell is worse than this...

The Best Moment: What else? The Jerry Lewis story. I thought he was nuts.
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