Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fresh Cherries: Die Cast BS

Isn't this enchanting. The folks at Fresh Cherries are trying to kill a couple of birds with one stone. These are recent examples of their new die-cast cars available. This not only attempts to put a pop culture smiley face on two of America's most dreadful vehicles, it puts commerce in the mix too.

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, that is indeed a 1/64 replica of a Ford Pinto, a Pinto. The car wasn't great shakes during its run and we also know that the Pinto's assembly often had deadly implications. See, some whiz put the gas tank in the wrong place and that's totally a no-no, especially for a rear end collision. If it's one thing I hate, it's revisionist history, this is it and then some. Here's something: If Matchbox didn't make a Ford Pinto in say, 1973--there's no need now.

Here's Part II. That thing is of course The Ford Maverick, another aggressively shitty car. There isn't much to say about the Maverick without getting that catch in your throat. What is that catch? Well, it's the fact that the Maverick has been shrunken down to toy size for no apparent reason. The first time was with a little company, Hot Wheels. Like many bland cars, Hot Wheels "souped it up" and called it, Mighty Maverick. The only thing mighty was the fact at how fast the wheels either crossed or fell off. Flash up 30 odd years and someone has the nerve enough to bring this back, without frills.

According to reports Fresh Cherries will be making an Pinto: Autograveyard Edition. Hellacious stench and crazy junkyard man not included...

Update: I purchased (ha, purchased!) the Ford Pinto model and I have to say it's a well-made car. It's reminscent of a late '70s Hot Wheels. That fact makes the assembly a bit more durable than say, a Matchbox car of the same time. The paint job leaves a bit to be desired and oddly enough, the tires are rubber. The bumpers are plastic and the doors don't open. I'm gonna go to the park and try to find a slide to really test this out. I hope my friends are gonna be there too!!!!
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