Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More Commercials I Can't Stand

Oh hi, I just cut off my ankle bracelet, they'll never find me. Sadly, my tolerance level has declined and these commercials are helping drive me crazy. Here's a few of the main offenders...

The comeback really did take, isn't that wonderful. Oddly enough I couldn't care less. I was a major, major fan of Mariah Carey's now I'm really tired of Butterflies, Mimi, Emacipations, it's a bunch of hooey. This Pepsi commercial puts the capper on my disdain and her so-what factor. Whoever thought she'd be so annoying.

Good lord, what did she do?

I'm all for special foods for all kinds of dogs, but I don't like insults. I hate that commercial where that guy is running with his dog and says, "You haven't lost a step you old hound." I find that totally uncalled for and because of that I'm going to stop eating Purina Dog Chow.

Hey Running Man, call "Sparky" an old hound and you'll be running back home on a stump.

Trying To Save A Quarter: The Colonial Penn commercials are a as close to purgatory as I want to get. I hate that spot where some joker talks about his big jar of pennies. You know what you've got when you break a dollar? Change. You don't need to take out the adding machine for that one. The late Lou Rawls was a voice of reason in these silly ads but they apparently had to splice him out. Replacing him is the devilish Alex Trebek and that makes matters worse.

Scam artist. You'll never replace Lou Rawls!

Colonial Penn's also added the always chipper Joe Theismann too. You know, there's not a doggone thing I can do about his leg injury. Despite the horror, he's been reheating those beans for years. I love it when he asks, "What if I didn't break my leg in front of millions of people..." Yeah, your leg keeps me awake nights too. To be brutally honest, Theismann is a compensated endorser so his philosophical air is cash inspired. I'll tell you what's not a quandary, getting paid for this commercial. I bet he doesn't have any "questons" about that.
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