Saturday, June 10, 2006

I Missed Meredith Vieira's Goodbye

Wouldn't you know it... I've followed Meredith Vieira's career since she was on CBS's West 57th and I wanted to see this send-off. I saw a little bit of it before the cable went out, darn. But then again maybe its best, perhaps I couldn't take this so-long, after all I'm still bummed out Katie Couric. Do you remember when she was Katherine? I do...

On Vieira's last show I did see an unfunny bit with perennial windbag Kelsey Grammar. Yeah, why him--oh yeah, that's right he was a cast member on the 98-99 season. In order to sheathe their increasing disdain for Vieira they turned her goodbye into a roast. Television audiences were treated with a staggering array of annoying talent like Mario Cantone, Joan Rivers, Mario Cantone doing Joan Rivers. The only thing missing was Rip Taylor sans a toupee and with a bucket of snakes.

My Technical Difficulties:
That was about it for me. I did hear that Star Jones Reynolds and Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn't have a lot to say. Hopefully they can exit soon too!
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