Sunday, June 04, 2006

Game Show Marathon: Let's Survey The Damage

See that Bob Barker, this show can run without you!

This seemed like a good idea but then, well, not so much. CBS is doing this show called, Game Show Marathon, the only question is why. The premise is simple, a bunch of celebrities hanging around play on the sets of game shows. If it were only that simple. The problem is simple, the cast is bad. There's no subtext from those truly odd game show personalities. In short, there's no chance of Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Sommers drunk, catty and falling into stuff. The good part? This cast will be giving the money to charity and yes, my blog rerouted the funds so I'll be getting a cut...

What This Show Does:
Well besides the queasy feeling, it does plenty. It shows that America is in a deep decline of truly interesting game show talent. When you've got a show who has both Lance Bass and Adam Carolla on deck, you are in some serious trouble.

Admittedly, I didn't watch a whole bunch of this. I saw the Price is Right entry and was shocked at how lifeless it was, the production values were totally bad. I saw Tim Meadows, Kathy Najimy, Brande Roderick, Paige Davis--and that was all she wrote, I had to escape...

The Damage: Ongoing B-

Although Bob Barker seemed ok with Ricki Lake hosting, he later excused himself and dropped a steaming load near the wheel...

Wed 5/31: The Price Is Right
Thu 6/1: Let's Make a Deal
Wed 6/7: Crack Smoke Off
Thu 6/15: High Rollers
Thu 6/22: Win, Lose or Hurl in a Bucket
Thu 6/29: You Name The Goo
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