Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kind of Watching It TV: Conversations With Michael Eisner

Blowhard alert!!!!

Lucky me, I got a chance to watch an episode of Michael Eisner's talk show. I know Eisner subbed for Charlie Rose but there's no need for this. Eisner of course was the head of ABC and Disney and recently got shown the door after his mistakes caught up with him. Given the collective short memory, "Mike" has recast himself--as a potentially interesting person. So far, it's not taking. With the glint in his shifty eyes, Eisner gamely takes on a role where actual talk-show hosts have failed. The result is a bit mixed. Shocker. For certain, Eisner's no ball of fire, probably never was and that bitter truth is now clear for all of us to see.

Goldie Hawn- Turns out during his time at Paramount, Eisner turned down Private Benjamin. After a few laughs, Eisner then pointed out that Paramount did do, "Foul Play." Good to know. Hawn did most of the work here giving Mike a breather as she was charming and told somewhat interesting stories. Eisner was just there trying to prop up his often goofy decisions and trying to save his pride.

Grade B-

Victim No 2- Regis Philbin also fell by. I couldn't really listen to much of this. Oddly enough, Regis canned the grouchy old man act he's honed so well with Kelly Ripa and was actually interesting again. I never did find out the reason why Eisner made the boneheaded move to saddle the public with 4 nights of "Millionaire." Honestly a true review for this isn't possible. The collective sight of Eisner, Regis and the mere mention of Joey Bishop made me zone out. Sorry, but that's a potent mix.

Grade B

Bette Midler also appeared in this episode. I don't know if Eisner did Jazzercise before this, but he seemed more relaxed. Engaging? Of course not. Bette Midler seemed to be especially present, after all Disney did revive her career. Eisner even slid a comment about Bette's crazy ex-boyfriend. She didn't seem to care, I guess he was really crazy. Although these two had a nice chemistry, this fundamentally didn't make sense either. Despite his attempts at being bon-vivant, Eisner still has the baggage of Company Man, a decidedly prickish one at that.

Grade C+

The Show: B for Boring, hee hee hee...
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