Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tom Cruise: Dancing Machine

Shortly before Tom Cruise ignited a new dancing craze...

Oh hi, I was just ready to "give myself up to the authorities" when I saw this clip. I like it so much, I kept it at its original dimensions. This is from when Tom Cruise appeared on 106 and Park to promote Mission Impossible 3. I've got to say I never knew Tom Cruise was such a dancing machine, watch him get down, watch him get down, as he do do do--you get the idea.

Recap: Wow! Tom's got happy feet. See that's what I call real dancing not just shaking yourself like you've lost your mind. A lot of folks could take a few lessons from Tom's Smooth Moves, I am and in fact I'm practicing those dance steps right now.

Lean back
Do Something or Other With Your Hands
Kinda Dance
DON'T Move Your Feet
Barely Move Your Legs
Look Embarrased
Look Mock Embarrassed

Able Assistance: Just like MC Hammer had like a hundred people dancing with him, Tom Cruise had a couple of folks dancing that new hotness with him on the good foot. Check out Laurence Fishburne, he's not exactly Shabadoo Quinones either. He's doing "The Nod" and I bet he totally would have done "The Tilt" if time allowed. And I've got to say "hats off" to Ving Rhames and his "Hat Dance." Kids all across the globe are going to be doing that one...
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