Sunday, May 07, 2006

Shows I'm Almost Done With

Hi. That's my friend Fonzie. He's jumping a shark. In pop culture speak, to "jump the shark" means to do something so silly and irreparable to a program; your show may not recover. You know what? These shows are really getting there...

I was a big fan of "Cold Case" when it debuted in 2004. Then I just got tired. The problems for me started when Sarah Joy Browne was cast as Josie Sutton--and then was canned. She was replaced by Tracie Thoms--and her character was singing. Oh dandy. I don't think this show needed another character.

On second thought, she's a lovely woman--let's give her a chance.

The Breaking Point: There's too many really cold, cold cases. I'm sick of the overdone episodes in black and white. The show has also declined in its casting of the actors in the "crimes." I'm seeing tons of hammy, transparent acting--and a lot of BS.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Jumping the shark again? This show is either great or horrendous. In a recent episode, Ty Pennington was absent due to helping folks in the Gulf. His replacement? Kermit the Frog. Oddly enough, the transition was smooth, I found Kermit a loving but firm team leader. That wasn't the worse of it. Some kid apparently liked monkeys and Extreme Makeover got a "real" Monkee, Davy Jones. Let's be real, there's no way a 7 year old is going to know who in the heck he is. After mugging for the camera, Jones and Paul Di Meo shared a song. I wish I was there, they both would have been wearing chairs and guitars.

Problem Solved:
Cut the skits and just keep on hammering.

The Tyra Banks Show. You know what? I find this show a bit depressing. I don't know why. Got to say right off the bat, Banks isn't excatly my go to gal for talk show entertainment. From her phony "serious" voice to her all but reveling in others "bad days" she comes off like a total jerk.

The Breaking Point: This had to be the "Teens Having Sex!" episode. I saw some geek going on about some party in Malibu were there was 15 mattresses and folks going at it. You know what that's called don't you? Friday night. And of course Tyra was looking shocked--like her business didn't/doesn't have "orgy's" and whatnot. And good lord, we all know she's not that innocent--nothing should shock her at this point, I mean really.

The Solution: Tough love--I'm just not going to watch, shine on that!
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