Thursday, May 11, 2006

TV Questions Answered, Kind Of

Oh hi, I've been snooping around people's sites. I'm stealing stuff too! Good times, good times. Anyway I thought I'd answer a few of the questions I see people are asking. Here's a guarantee: Nothing that you may need to know will be answered here...

Would you take a look at that? The kids from Conviction just sent me an email trying to find out what I know about their program. Conviction at "press time" is "on the bubble." It's half of a good show and it can't drag it past CBS's Friday night corn fest, Numb3rs.

Prediction: If Conviction is cancelled look for Dick Wolf to shit a brick.

Update: He's probably shitting said brick. Status: Cancelled.

Close To Home- This started out with great guns--and then winded down to a bunch of hooey. Serves folks right. During the initial spin, someone called star Jennifer Finningan a cross between Patricia Wettig and Jodie Foster. I've got to disagree, those gals are interesting.

The Big, Big Problem: It's simple, viewers have to watch Kimberly Elise through tons and tons of BS, it's not worth it. Really.

A Guess: This may be back or it won't be back.

Update: Oh goody, it's back....

You know the hallmarks of a show on its last legs. Viewers can pick up an exasperation between the characters. During this time, often history is rewritten to such an extreme, it's clearly a desperate strategy to eek out more storylines. Do you know what spells the end the most? When a show's no longer funny.

Tons Of Buildup, Little Returns:
There sure was a lot of hoopla to start off this season. Yeah, this show got back to Monday nights--a good 6 years too late.

Too Much of the Spence and the Other Guy:
If King of Queens fans know something, it's that too much Spence and Gary makes this show very, very irritating. In the past season, we've got a lot of those two--at the expense of, well, just about everything.

The Bottom Line:
I also heard that contract negotiations are part of the deal too. It seems like James and Remini reportedly want more money...

Update: As James tries to start his film career, this will be back as a mid-season replacement with a 13 episode committment.

Less Than Perfect made a return to the lineup. That's great news. It's rare a show flames out so fast, but this one did. When this returned after a 25 year hiatus, Eric Roberts was out and Patrick Warbutton's role increased. That's reason enough never to tune in again.

What Went Wrong: This is easy, like Just Shoot Me, there was too much rancor. Eric Roberts was the one person who was remotely believable here.

Prediction: Burned off ep's/cancellation

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Status: Done

Frasier-My street team has given me an exclusive, reportedly Fraiser will not be back next season. As you know, since the shows appeared on Lifetime, the cast has run out of ideas to such a point, they're faithfully redoing old episodes. I've got to say, I can't even tell the difference...
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