Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Prince's Ol' Ladies

Prince has been in cahoots with a large amount of women. I have to admire his record even though mine dwarfs in comparison. For every one woman he's romanced, I've gotten a firm no from 1,210.

Vanity Wow, if that don't beat all. Vanity of course was Prince's ol' lady in the early '80s. What a time they had to until Vanity left the Prince camp during the planning stages of "Purple Rain." Oops. Still looks wise, you really can't get much better looking than this, she makes Beyonce look like a little girl.

Rating: *****

Apollonia Kotero: Who could forget the plight of young Apollonia? She wanted nothing to do but make it in this business and Prince was "there for her." Although she was a replacement for Vanity in "Purple Rain" "Apples" has turned out to be so much more. In all candor, she's been the main attraction in many of my pleasant thoughts. Too much information? Oops!
Rating: ****1/2

Camille: Oops, mystery solved. In 1987 people were going on about a new Prince protégé Camille. We didn't see her, some thought she was the girl from the "Kiss" video. Nothing doing. "Camille" was actually Prince with his voice manipulated. Thankfully or not, Camille's album was scrapped. Darn...
Rating: I'm not rating this. But I think if given the right makeover, Camille would have been a nice looking lady. ***

Susannah Melvoin. Well, well, well. Melvoin is Wendy and Lisa's sister and was a member of The Family. Prince was reportedly engaged to Susannah in the '80s. I was always struck by the fact that she looked so much like Wendy. Well, twins are funny.

Rating: ****

Kim Basinger: You know, I wasn't that crazy about Prince's work on "Batman." Looks like it yielded a "friend" though. Going by the Elvis/Ann-Margaret theory, it's possible a continuing union with Basinger and Prince might have made him less, well, odd. He certainly seemed cooler when they were together and by "together" I mean boinking.

Rating: ****

Matye- Prince married Mayte in the late '90s, they've since divorced. Mayte is a hot looking woman. The problem? Prince's ideas for women seemed so insular at this point, Mayte's gifts were lost in a ton of his hooey. While we're at it, let's salute her service as Prince's translator during those days when speaking was such a chore...

Rating Docked a notch for this crying shame ***1/2
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