Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Persnickety Stuff: Still Pissed

You'd think that I would "lighten up" as the kids say. Nothing doing. It seems the older I get, the more incensed I become. Oh well...

I'm tired of this picture! Since I had the bright idea to use Musicmatch and the brighter idea to keep Musicmatch 7.2, I get treated with this dreary pic almost daily. What the heck do I want to listen to Eminem for let alone look at him.

Solution: Destroy computer. I bet you I wouldn't see that pic then...

It's Patrick Duffy, Patrick Duffy. You know, I'm not the brightest man around, but I know who this is. To hear it from the folks at Entertainment Tonight, his name is Bobby Ewing. They were saying stuff like, "See what Bobby Ewing's been up to." Bobby Ewing hasn't been up to a doggone thing--he's a fictional character. Patrick Duffy commands and deserves all of our respect. Respect!

More Stuff: Bobby Patrick Ewing is a fan of this blog and he's doing fine.

Too much Myspace BS- I remember when I first logged on, the choices for personal pages were few. In fact it was at this time GeoCities was the main option and you needed a hard hat and a jackhammer to get a page started there. Flash up 8 or so years and now it's too easy.

MySpace has become "the place" for those inclined to do silly things like dating and socializing. Some of those pages are way too ornate. Some of them can't be seen without x-Ray vision. Wow, that's hot (groan). Regardless of the artwork, it's pretty much the same ol' stuff, tons of meaningless yak yak, and dreams of meeting Vin Diesel. Vistors are also treated to profundities like, "Dance Like No One's Watching." Isn't that endearing? No, it's not. In fact if a woman even thinks that, that's a total deal breaker. "Dance Like No One's Watching.." Ahh who cares...

What I'm Trying To Say: I Can't Get Lucky on MySpace

It's a Dummy: The Fake Kenny Rogers Story

Lord, like we don't have enough things to worry about, now we've got to look at Botched Kenny Rogers every ten minutes. Here's the real deal. By the mid '80s Rogers's career slowed down after a misguided label switch. In recent years, he's been out of the limelight. He's offered us, chicken, a clothing line and told us about the evils of his phone sex addiction. I don't know about anyone else but I haven't heard Kenny Rogers in a while. All I've seen is interviews and pictures of him looking like he's lost his damn mind.

Solution: This thing is clearly a tool sent to us my aliens ready to infiltrate our great nation. I'll have to go to space to rescue the real Kenny Rogers from being prodded and fiddled with for the sake of "science."

"Squeak!" Which one's more horrifying. Bwah hah hah..."
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