Thursday, April 06, 2006

Meredith Vieira Leaves The View: An Idiot Rejoices

She did it. She's gone. I'm devastated if devastated means deliriously happy. With little fanfare Meredith Vieira announced on "the View" that she was leaving to host the "Today" show. Dreams do come true! Of course, there's got to be a lot of fallout with this move and this is how her friends took the news.

Barbara Walters: She seemed full of contrition. I bet she knows that if the show hadn't taken a steep decline, Vieira might not have entertained the idea. Walters knows it's back to the drawing board for a "sane" one. But then again regardless what normal host is signed on, they've got Star Jones and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's inanity to contend with. Good luck.

An Unwanted Flashback: Due to Couric's move, we were treated to a clip of Barbara Walters with the convivial Harry Reasoner. Sadly it looks like Barbara still holds a grudge. Harry's gone, Barbara--let it go.

Joy Behar: After Meredith's news sunk in, Behar didn't have time for many yuk-yuks or stinging observations. She knows it's pretty much going to be Crazy Town without Vieira. The only solution? She could quit too.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Inappropriate and dull as ever. Vieira's absence will only magnify the fact that the show still hasn't addressed the real problem (pictured on the left.) Her reaction was high-school-ish and weepy. Frankly Hasselbeck didn't log the same miles with Meredith as Star and Joy did, so she should had a nice cup of shut the heck up and let the vets get their cry on. No such luck, she had to stick her big nose in this too.

Star Jones: She was a bit unsteady during the aftermath of Todaygate. She rambled something about her and Meredith being so close they'd finish each others sentences. Ain't that quaint. Here's something? If you're such bosom buddies why don't you hit the exits too. The View could start off fresh, get cancelled and ABC would be back to running reruns of "Happy Days" like it used to.

That's Bill Geddie not "Getty" is it was spelled on the pic lifted from the ABC site. Some people...You know he gulped a gallon of air and damn near sharted when Meredith delivered that body blow. To be honest, Meredith has been looking way bored on there for six years. You know, Geddie/"Getty" could possibly close up shop and just run clips of "Today." That's not going to happen. There will be a new co-host and bet she'll be awful.

Ahh just look at them, they just couldn't wait!
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