Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kind of Watching It: Videos From the '80s I Can Stand

My attention span isn't getting better so I've moved on to videos. What was I talking about? See?

Whodini-Rock You (Again and Again)Oh my goodness, they need some help. At this point you've got to ask who ordered this trainwreck. But first things first, I don't
remember this--at all. This is of course Whodini. "Rock You Again" was released in 1987 after the guy's careers had cooled down a bit. This didn't help.

Observations: As much as I'm impressed with Ecstasy's clothing, it's just a reminder than I was always too geeky for such finery. The rockers look like a tough lot. I keep expecting to see The Equalizer come haul them all away.

Sadly I actually like this song. The video? It's ridiculous. "Say It Again" was released in 1985. Santana also appeared on SNL during its 1984-85 season. Carlos Santana is very high here. See, that's why I included this. Forget that Shaman busineess, this is how I like Carlos Santana the best:Loaded.

Interesting Facts: Greg Walker is the lead singer here. Armando Perza is the dude dancing around. I feel every video is enchanced by pointless dancing scenes.

Tech Issues: Don't let the video/picture issues inherent at YouTube take away from getting to see this classic once again.

El DeBarge-"Who's Johnny" DeBarge is one of my favorite singers. I can't stand this song. There's only one good thing about this video, Ally Sheedy. Sheedy is really cute here and that makes this worth watching. I also like the clips from "Short Circuit" they're nice. Let's watch this together!

El, What Happened: Got to say, El's looking a bit silly here. Given his work before and after this, it's safe to say he was never this corny again.

The Best News Ever: The then ubiquitous Steve Guttenberg gave us all a break here didn't show up. A placard was used in his place and it was the best acting I've ever seen from him...
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