Friday, March 10, 2006

Yanni's On The Loose!

Sorry I've been away. I've been named as part of the "dream team" for Yanni's defense. Between you and me, I've got no experience, just a seersucker suit, a briefcase and a bunch of vaguely legalistic jargon I picked up from watching Matlock. Wish me luck.

Here's the deal. It seems like the World's Greatest Entertainer wasn't exactly having a fun filled evening with his girlfriend. In fact, Yanni reportedly came out swinging like he was Roberto Duran. His lady friend was packing her belongings but Yanni doubled back and took her clothes out of the closet. Sadly, it was reported that Yanni shook her like a rattle and jumped her too. Oh no, not our Yanni--yes, yes our Yanni. And it's been reported that Yanni spend a night in jail. Tell me somebody wouldn't shit a two ton brick looking over and seeing Yanni as their cellmate. Talk about being Punk'd.

I'm going to say that the person pictured in that dreadful mugshot isn't Yanni. Looks like him, but Yanni has longer hair and a moustache, as pictured. Who is that guy in the mug shot? Whoo, scary--Yanni has an imposter, I'm tellin'!

A Promise: If this doesn't go to trial, I'm still going to try the case, I'm just that dedicated...
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