Monday, March 06, 2006

Mr T.'s Commandments

Despite being self-aggrandizing and nosy, Mr. T delivers a genre classic: A so-so album from someone named Mr. T. Admittedly this is on the didactic side with Mr. T barking orders to potentitally nervous kids, but that's what they needed, to be yelled at, damn it!

Important Song Reviews...

"The One and Only Mr. T" proves that the line between this loud mouth BS and legitimate and now sought after '80s R&B is really thin. Really. Despite T's heavy handed delivery, this works--and the fact is frightening.

"Don't Talk To Strangers" with its '80s R&B quiet storm underpinnings makes you want to talk to strangers. What an enticing arrangement even as T raps, "You keep that door locked/That's what it's for." Heh, I beg to differ.

"No Dope No Drugs" has T's adding rock n' roll guitar to entice those stoners who put aluminumm foil on their windows and huff gasoline. That funky beat and the crazy knowledge is subliminal like too. I don't need dope!

The rocking, "You Got To Go Through It" brings to mind those summery '80s grooves of yore. And by yore I mean the days when I actually gave a damn about stuff. In any event, those tricky synth riffs and T's "profundities" mesh well here.

The Bad: I actually like this. I'm beyond therapy....

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